Your Ally in Process Innovation

We are a company that offers US patented hardware and software technology solutions that are capable of monitoring multiple physicochemical parameters in various industry sectors through the implementation of machine learning tools, data science and artificial intelligence.

We have developed various solutions that meet the needs of our clients through an added value process that includes on-site tests, data analysis, process optimization, implementation of monitoring and control programs to guarantee the reduction of operating costs, thus providing early warnings of potential faults and avoiding sanctions by the control entities that surveil each industry.


Process Optimization

Artificial intelligence

Our objective is to promote efficiency through the optimization of operational, technical and human processes, guaranteeing accuracy in results in shorter time periods, compared to conventional technologies.


We are experts in what we do.

Our team is comprised of professionals who share a passion for what we do and adapt with ease to the new challenges that industries and various sectors bring, making it tangible in our solutions.

Felipe Gutiérrez Martínez

CEO & Founder

Andrés Felipe Ramos

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Marcela Alfaro Aguilera

Mechanical Development Engineer

Oscar Díaz Caballero

CTO - Software & AI

Miguel Ángel Díaz

CTO - Hardware development

Ana María Palomares Gutiérrez

CTO - "Research & development

Maria Alejandra Jiménez

Finance and Administrative Coordinator

// We generate savings by optimizing your company process!