Water Industry

At Nuxtu, we have developed a variety of solutions that meet the needs of our clients through an added value process that includes on–site tests, data analysis, process optimization, implementation of monitoring and control programs to guarantee the reduction of operating costs, thus providing early warnings about failures and avoiding sanctions by the control entities that surveil each industry.



We monitor and analyze water quality in wastewater treatment plants

We carry out a multi-parameter analysis of water quality and the necessary criteria to optimize the water treatment system with the purpose of reducing energy, operational, maintenance, and personnel costs.

Our technology is capable of providing responses of complex parameters, heavy metals and others in 20 minutes, generating periodic reports of water quality to optimize its treatment.

Machine Learning

Behavior Prediction

Inteligencia Artificial

Process Optimization

Monitoring and Control

Risk Mitigation


We monitor the quality of the water entering the injection wells

We monitor and analyze water entering injection wells in real time optimizing its operations and avoiding possible failures that affect well productivity.

We are able to measure complex parameters that can affect the efficiency of the operation such as:

Sulfate-reducing bacteria, fats, oils and heavy metals, thereby reducing the risks associated with scaling and pipe corrosion. This is achieved due to the fact that our technology is able to monitor several parameters with artificial intelligence algorithms and provide results in less than 20 minutes.


Quantitative results achieved in less than 20 minutes

Verification and analysis of production water to comply with environmental regulations through the measurement of various water physicochemical parameters with our technology


Obtain measurements
in real time

Due to our artificial intelligence algorithms, we are able to monitor a wide variety of gases in a wide range of concentrations with accuracy that is comparable to those of conventional technologies.

We have robotic solutions that help perform inspection or monitoring tasks by accessing high-risk areas for maintenance personnel.

We are able to provide early warnings to maintenance personnel through the monitoring of dangerous gases, thereby avoiding fatal accidents

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Process Optimization and reduction of maintenance costs.


With the analysis of historical data, Uxu’s technology is capable of making preventive maintenance decisions.

Avoid Sanctions

Avoid sanctions by control entities for unforeseen failures in power transformers.


Big Sensing for the Water Industry

Big Sensing allows a rigorous monitoring of the quality of oil and wastewater obtained in the extraction process. Thus, it is possible to optimize the treatment processes and make projections on the efficiency of the exploitation of oil, taking into account the physicochemical characterization of water, oil and other independent variables such as international markets, the demand for oil and meteorological phenomena.

The characterization of corrosive components such as H2S, CO2, and even the presence of sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB), allows making predictions about corrosion in the well pipes, which is very useful for scheduling preventive maintenance.


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High costs and waste of resources in the wastewater system.
Automatization of the electrocoagulation system for wastewater treatment through the implementation of our artificial intelligence technology to treat water according to its level of contamination, optimizing the use of chemical and energy resources involved in the process, and ensuring the removal of pollutants as required by environmental authorities.
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Traditional laboratories require between 20 and 28 business days to analyse the parameters of sulfate-reducing bacteria and heavy metals in the recovery water related to the Oil & Gas industry, which generates millions in revenue losses due to irreparable damage to the injection wells.
Nuxtu is capable of measuring the parameters of the water, providing results in 20 minutes, in order to create preventive maintenance decisions for the well, thereby preventing economic losses by sulfate-reducing bacteria or heavy metals.
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We are able to obtain analysis results in less than 20 minutes